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ARAI Academy has devised various Proficiency Improvement Programmes (PIPs), to be taught by ARAI, Academia & Industry Experts. PIP gives knowledge and technical expertise in a wide range of disciplines to engineers, faculty and students. It helps in understanding system’s view point for automotive design and manufacture, with specific skills in formulating automotive engineering solutions in terms of their function and performance, through optional modules. 

In this scenario, ARAI Academy has started creating e-PIPs called e-Modules, from the existing classroom training programs and Proficiency Improvement Programmes available with it as of today. These e-Modules are developed using various content creation, software and hosted on this e-Learning Portal. Through these e-Learning modules, ARAI plans to reach more number of participants, who would be benefited from these programmes and have a chance to learn more and more, anytime and anywhere. The topics that would be available in the form of e-Modules would range from the most generic, basic topics, to the most specific, complex topics, pertaining to automotive domain. 

All the learners, whether corporate, teaching faculty or technical students will be able to choose the topics of their interest from below Product Catalog.

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